I’ve been asked a lot about what kind of gear I use.  Here’s a list of gear from the common big stuff to the nitty gritty back end stuff that sometimes people don’t think about or realize.  All my gear has Amazon Affiliate links to it so would appreciate the support!


I love Sony gear, I used to be a Canon shooter and it was a great camera system to start with.  My main reason for switching to Sony is because they kept on innovating and upgrading their movie capabilities.  

Sony gear I use on a daily basis:

Sony gear I have but don’t use as often:
Why do I only use Sony lens?
I’ve tried mixing Sigma/Tamron with Canon bodies before and I found that it missing focus.  So I decided to be a purist =D
Why do I have two 70-200mm lens?
The reason is I bought the f4 initially because it was cheaper and lighter.  But as I started to shoot more corporate event style jobs I needed another one.  


I have no loyalty to the items or brands below, I’m always on the look out for the best products to help me achieve the results I want – which is great photos, video and audio content.  From all the stuff I’ve been fortunate to use, this is what I’ve settled on for now.

For video work:

For photo work:
  • Godox AD200 – fantastic flash and very bright, I generally use the bare bulb
  • Godox 685tt S – cheap and good, I think I’ve owned 6 or 7 of these? Flashes/speedlites don’t last forever so these do the job and I don’t have to be particularly gentle with them
  • Manfrotto 190x – a tripod is something you invest in, buy it once and never have to replace it. I like the manfrotto brand because it is reliable and there’s lots of parts which makes it easy to fix and repair
For lighting work:


This stuff people take for granted but so crucial to being a professional

Memory management:

  • External Harddrives – shooting 4k burns through space, I’ve been buying these as a way of backing up jobs for companies
  • SD Cards – I find that these cards are the most reliable and gives the balance between write speed, cost and reliability
  • USB cables – recently I’ve been transitioning to USB C to C cables and liking these ones for the L type on one end
  • Batteries – I’m always losing my batteries, so having a stack of AA and AAA batteries are awesome
  • Laptop riser – RSI is real people, also studies have shown that if you stand up every 30 minutes it helps you lose weight!